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Two Different SENKO Heat Press Machine from Microtec

Hi friends, good day to you all. Do you do your own heat press business? Or do you buy heat press machine to design your own T-shirt or any other products? Here I’d like to share two heat press machine with you all.

These two machines are the Auto Open heat press machine from Microtec. We call them SENKO Heat Press Machine and Simple SENKO Heat Press Machine. They are of cheap price and high quality.

What is the information about SENKO Heat Press Machine?

This machine has the Draw-out heat platen, Auto open, Protective metal cover, Digital Temperature & Time Control Automatic Alarm. It is suitable for the bigger product. Especially for large size cloth, banner, also for t-shirt, puzzle, mouse pad, metal board, fridge magnet, coaster, slipper, bag, cushion etc.

 Machine Type  Auto Release, Clamshell
 Platen Size  40*50cm/50*80cm  16''X20''/ 20''X32''
 Under Plate  Draw-out & Exchangeable
 Controller  GY-04 Digital Time & Temperature Control
 Printable Articles  Up to 15mm Thickness
 Opening Angle  25 Degrees
 Gas Spring Control  Yes
 Voltage  120V/ 220V
 Power  20: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW; 30: 2.4KW/ 3.6KW
 Time Range  0-999 Sec.
 Packing Size  104*65*82cm/ 105*97*95cm
 Gross Weight  82kg/ 162.6kg
 Maximum Temp.  225 C
 Temperature Accuracy  ±0.5%

What is Simple SENKO Heat Press Machine?

Simple SENKO Heat Press Machine, with customer’s request, we develop the Simple SENKO to meet their needs. It also has a top protective cover protects you well from heat. Slide-out and auto open design. It is ideal for heat applying transfers to t-shirt, jackets, mouse pad, tiles and more.

 Machine Type  Auto Release, Clamshell
 Platen Size  40*50cm/38*38cm  16''X20''/ 15''X15''
 Under Plate  Draw-out & Fixed
 Controller  GY-04 Digital Time & Temperature Control
 Printable Articles  Up to 5mm Thickness
 Opening Angle  25 Degrees
 Gas Spring Control  Yes
 Voltage  120V/ 220V
 Power  1.6KW/ 1.8KW
 Time Range  0-999 Sec.
 Packing Size  89*54*75cm/ 90*55*76cm
 Gross Weight  58.16kg/ 63.05kg
 Maximum Temp.  225 C
 Temperature Accuracy  ±0.5%

What warranty of machine and after-service you can get from Microtec?
*Two years warranty for whole machine
*Five years warranty for heat platen
*Free online consultation
*Free onsite guidance
*Life time after-sale service and technical support

What is the difference between these two machines?
How should we choose these two machine? What is the difference between them? Many friend will ask this question. In order to solve your question, the comparison is made for you.
 Model No.  SENKO  Simple SENKO
 Pressure  80~50 Pounds High Pressure  70~75 Pounds High Pressure
 Machine Size  950*750*450mm  780*680*400mm
 Under Plate  Draw-out & Exchangeable  Draw-out & Fixed
 Anti Scald Cover  Yes  No
 4 Support Machine Arms  Yes  No
 Emergency Stop Bottom  Yes  Yes
 Opening Angle  25°  25°
 Printable Articles Thickness  Up to 15mm  Up to 15mm

After reading this essay, do you have the urge to start your heat press work? Action is better than thinking. Bring the machine home soon!

Please feel free to contact us for any demand and information.
Email: sales@szmicrotec.com
Website: www.microtecgroup.com