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Microtec Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

  • Author:Microtec
  • Release on:2017-10-30
We are glad that you’re interested in our products.
Here we’d like to introduce our Multifunctional Oil Heating Thermal Transfer Machine (Rotary heat transfer machine) to you.

Microtec has been researched and developed Rotary heat transfer machine for many years, the advanced technology and equipment is the key to the high quality of Microtec machine.
All MICROTEC's Rotary heat transfer machine use Duplex oil heating drum instead of single oil heating drum.
You may ask why, here is the reason.

The advantages of the Duplex oil heating drum compare to Single oil heating drum:
1. Use Duplex oil heating drum has better heat insulation effect
2. In same drum diameter,the power consumption lower by 30% -40%
3. As heat evenly distributed in the drum circumference, the heating increased faster than Single oil heating drum
4. Save the Thermal Conduction Oil,thereby reducing the overall weight and use-cost.

Comparison of Microtec Rotary Machine
Series MTP RTR
Model MTP-1700 RTR-1700
Features High end,Multifunctional High end,
Most efficient roll to roll rotary heat transfer machine
Transfer Width 1.65m 1.65m
Blankets Width 1.73m 1.73m
Heating Power 18KW 18KW
Number of Heating Elements 12 12
Max Temperature 260℃ 260℃
Air Pressure YES YES
Machine Dimension 1.47x0.98x1.32m 2.47x1.07x1.45m
Working Size 1.86x1.92x1.0m
Packing Size 2.6x1.3x1.65m 2.6x1.3x1.7m
Net Weight 1380kgs 1380kgs
Gross Weight 1450kgs 1450kgs
Drum Diameter 420mm 420mm
Heating drum Duplex oil heating drum Duplex oil heating drum
Printing method Roll-to-Roll & Cut-Piece Roll-to-Roll
Transfer Speed Adjustable, up to 3m/min Adjustable, up to 3m/min
Pressure Adjustable Adjustable
Feeding method Top Bottom
Collecting method 3 feeding roller and 2 collecting roller,traditional collecting system 3 feeding roller and 3 collecting roller,
inflatable collecting system,more efficient
Working table With working table Without working table, for roll to roll only
Advantage *MTP is suitable for thermal & low temperature transferring;
*Stable temperature output with duplex oil tank and precise mechanical structure;
*Adjustable air pressure control system for perfect transferring;
*Roll-to-roll system makes printed materials in parallel without deflection;
*Blanket can be separated from oil tank manually when power failure;
*RTR is designed for transferring flag, wall fabric, curtains, bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt and individual design for printing                                                                         
*Adjustable air pressure control system for perfect transferring;
*Roll-to-roll system makes printed materials in parallel without deflection;
*Feeding and collecting media by roll-to-roll system with accurate alignment
*Precise mechanical structure which results in perfect transferring of different

The biggest difference between MTP-1700 and RTR-1700 is the RTR-1700 with advanced roll to roll inflatable collecting system, that’s more efficient for mass production.
        MTP-1700                 RTR-1700

Daily Maintenance

If you have any demands on this hot seller Calender/ Rotary heat transfer machine, please contact us at inquiry@szmicrotec.com.
Thank you.