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Pneumatic Extra Large Sublimation Heat Press - XSTM-98Pneumatic Extra Large Sublimation Heat Press - XSTM-98Pneumatic Extra Large Sublimation Heat Press - XSTM-98Pneumatic Extra Large Sublimation Heat Press - XSTM-98

Pneumatic Extra Large Sublimation Heat Press - XSTM-98

  • Model No.: XSTM-98
  • Machine Type: Automatic, Single Side Two Station
  • Platen Size: 59"x98" (1.5x2.5cm)
  • Controller: PLC Touch Screen Control
  • Voltage: 380V 3phase
  • Power: 21KW
  • Maximum Temp.: 225 ℃
  • Machine Size: 425x304x194cm
  • Packing Size: 355x221x223cm
  • Gross Weight: 4600kg

The XSTM-98 Pneumatic large heat press is an outstanding heat press machine for large-scale production. As the biggest size heat press machine Microtec produced, it features a 1.5m x2.5m (59"x98") heat platen, powerful air cylinders, an reciprocating dual tray system, and three operation models. 

For XSTM large format heat press, it is an idea to sublimation textile, cloth, flag, raincoat, umbrella, metal sheet etc large format material.  With two working tables designed at one side of the machine, when the printing is finished the tables roll out while another one will roll into the machine for printing automatically. Two working stations take turns doing the printing. The air cylinders offer very high pressure, which makes sure excellent transfer results. With reciprocating dual tray system, it speeds up your production, and reduce your labor; Only one worker can operate this dual station auto shuttle heat press machine. And you can choose manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic production molds.

The unique designs of our XSTM large format heat press machine, which differentiates other large format sublimation heat press in the markets are:

1) it adopts pluggable heat elements:  there are separate heat tubes in the platen, and if there is any one broken, you can only change the one tube easily. No need to repalce the whole heat platen which is with much higher cost.

How to find out the problem of heat platen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbqDx8NONlA
How to exchange the heat platen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G-kFAbYw4g

2) it adopts PLC digital touch screen controller:  The controller can controll each heat tube temp., then the whole heat platen can have more even heat.
More PLC controller info:  https://www.heatpress.cn/news/Upgraded-PLC-digital-touch-screen.html

This large heat press is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of your facilities and maintaining stable quality.


PLC Touch Screen Digital Controller: Equipped with a PLC digital touch screen controller, this heat press allows precise control of each heat tube's temperature. This ensures uniform heat distribution across the entire platen, promoting consistent and high-quality transfers. 
Upgraded Pluggable Heat Elements: The platen incorporates separate heat tubes, enabling easy replacement of individual tubes in case of malfunctions. This design eliminates the need to replace the entire heat platen, resulting in significant cost savings.
Dual Working Tables for High Production: With the inclusion of two base plates on a single side, the XSTM-98 facilitates high production volumes, streamlining workflow and maximizing efficiency.
Pneumatic with Air Cyclinders: That offer the higher pressure and could heat transfer aluminium sheet, wood, fabric, garment etc. Ideal for sublimation with good productivity and flexibility.
  Air Filter: To adjust the pressure of it, easy to operate and maintenance.

Model No.  XSTM-98 
Time Range 0-999s
Maximum Temp. 225c 
Power 21KW 
Voltage  380V/ 3 Phase
Machine Size 425x304x194cm
Printable Articles large fabrics, multiple piece goods, banners, floor mats, carpets etc
Carton Size  355x221x223cm




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