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Servo Motor Laser Cutting PlotterServo Motor Laser Cutting PlotterServo Motor Laser Cutting Plotter

Servo Motor Laser Cutting Plotter

  • Model No.: GC-24AS/ GC-48AS
  • Stand: XL Stand (Including Paper Basket)
  • Max. Cutting Width: 610mm/ 1240mm
  • Max. Contour Cutting Width: 590mm/ 1220mm
  • Buffer Capacity: 4M/ 4M
  • Net Weight: 27kg/ 37kg
  • Gross Weight: 38.8kg/ 50.5kg
  • Packing Size: 125*48*36cm/ 157*48*36cm
  • Mainboard: Servo ARMS Mainboard
  • Carriage: GC carriage (Laser Sensor Included)
  • Max Cutting Speed: 1200mm/s
  • Cutting Force: 20~800g

This servo motor laser cutting plotter with automatic contour function is very easy to use. High speed running help to save your time and improve work efficiency. With the machine you can make stickers for car deco, window sign, indoor deco, cut shirt vinyl,such as football jersey numbers, names, etc to print on shirts, etc.

1. Characteristic design, adjusting cutting force and plotting speed at any time
2. American professional integrated circuit contributes to superior precision and high speed
3. USB2.0 and RS-232C interface offer easy connection
4. Real-time tuning of the plotting speed and cutting force, along with free setting of the origin and hot-plug features easy-to-use
5. Incorporating imported high speed and low noise stepper motor, steel barbed feed roller, GC carriage, provides high precision and smooth plotting
6. Laser positioning carriage as an option, provides contour cutting function
7. Adopting universal command set, which is compatible with the major popular plotting software
8. Compatible operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 , Windows8 (32bit & 64bit), MAC

 Model No.  GC-24AS/ GC-48AS
 Stand  XL Stand (Including Paper Basket)
 Max. Cutting Width  610mm/ 1240mm
 Max. Contour Cutting Width  590mm/ 1220mm
 Buffer Capacity  4m/ 4m
 Net Weight  27kg/ 37kg
 Gross Weight  38.8kg/ 50.5kg
 Packing Size  125*48*36cm/ 157*48*36cm
 Mainboard  Servo ARMS Mainboard
 Carriage  GC Carriage (Laser Sensor Included)
 Max. Cutting Speed  1200mm/s
 Cutting Force  20~800g
 Interfaces  COM+USB+U Disk
 Aomatic Cruise System  Yes
 Software  Anycut/ ARTCUT/ Master/ Corel DRAW/ Signmaster Cut/ Flexi11/ Signcut
 Command Sets  DMPL/ HPGL
 Cutting Tool  Imported Hardness Alloy Steel Blade
 Power Supply  AC: 110V±15%/ 220V±15% ; DC: 24V
 Voltage Converter  Double Switch Mode Power Supply/ 24V/ 120W
 Machine Color  Bright White, Bright Black, Black+White

Instant paste, sticky label paper, adhesive tape printing paper, car sticker, lettering film, flocking, etc. ( thickness less than 1mm)

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