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How to choose an ideal heat press for your garment?

  • Author:Riva
  • Release on :2016-07-07
As there are so many different types of heat press machines on the market, it seems like a daunting task for you to choose an ideal one to transfer your garment. But with a right heat press is essential to the success of your business. If you make the wrong choice can mean spending too much or buying too little. For example, choosing the wrong size may restrict the amount of work you can actually accomplish. Thus, it is important to get some knowing about how to make the right decision. Here we go.

1. What is heat press?

The heat press is a machine designed to imprint graphic, picture or design on articles, such as T-shirts, mouse pad, mugs, plates, caps, etc. It is done with the use of heat and pressure that is applied for a set time.


2. Which design best fits your business?

For getting the answer of this, you can think about below factors in steps:

Step1: Sizes

How big a heat press I need? Of course, it depends on the largest size of garments you need to transfer. Heat press machines come in a variety of sizes. From small one (like 12x12cm) to very large one (like 120x170cm). And there are some common sizes in the markets: 38x38cm/40x50cm/40x60cm/60x80cm/80x100cm/100x120cm/120x170cm (15''x15''/16''x20''/16''x24''/24”x32”/32"x40"/40"x48"/48"x68"). When choosing, it is better to go for a larger press size if your budget will allow, as the machine can used for quite long time.

Step2: Types

  There are basically three types of heat press machines: clamshell, swing away, and draw. The type of press you need depends on your work space constraints and your preference.

Clamshell Press

Swing-away Press

Draw Press

swing way


Opens like a clamshell

*Simple to use

* Space saving

*Idea for beginner

Swings the upper plate away from the lower

*Easy to layout garment

*Need more space then clamshell

*Idea for experienced user

Lower plate pulled out like a drawer.

*Offers a heat-free work space

*Idea for high volume

Step3: Styles

Commonly, three styles are available-- Manual press, Auto open press and Pneumatic press.





auto open


Economical to buy


Open automatically, allow you to multi-task without running the risk of over-applying or burning a garment.

Use compressed air,

better pressure

After thinking about the above steps, you may have an idea what design of heat press you need. Then you should consider about the quality.

3. How to distinguish the quality?

As explained, all heat press do one thing: deliver heat under pressure for a set time. So the factors which will affect the heat, pressure, and time will be affect the quality.

1) Heat: Whether heat is even? As you can image, if the heat is not even, somewhere 180degree, somewhere 160degree, somewhere cold, what the transfer result will be. Heat gap will lead to bad transfer result and ruin garments.

Thus even heat is the indispensable feature of any heat press. Microtec heat press is with quite even heat, as its heat platen can reduce the temperature gap between its corner and center in 5 degree, which other Chinese suppliers can not make it.

2) Pressure: Whether the pressure is good, and whether it is easy to adjust the pressure is what you should consider. Microtec heat press is with hand knob for adjusting pressure, which is quite convenient.

3) Time: Accurate time is important, while it will be more accurate with digital timers. So it is better to use a digital display. GY-04, GY-05, GY-06, GY-08 controllers are all digital, good for you.

What is more, interchangeable platens is also better as you can make application on different garments easier.

4. What else should I consider?

Yes, and that is warranty. And you should choose a good supplier who can offer you reasonable warranty. 

For Microtec heat press, it is with good warranty also: 1 Year Warranty on entire press; 5 years warranty on castings and heat platen; Lifetime service.

Hope you are clearer for how to choose a heat press for your garment after reading above info. If need more info, please feel free to contact Microtec sales team or Email to inquiry@szmicrotec.com.