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High quality RTR-1700 rotary machine for roll-to-roll

  • Author:HeatPress
  • Release on :2016-08-28

Dear Friends, are you looking for high quality rotary thermal transfer machine for roll fabrics, flag, curtains, bedding, cushion, individual design etc?With precise mechanical structure, advanced Inflatable rolling device, duplex drum oil heating system, our RTR-1700 can offer you perfect transferring of different materials, almost no color difference in 100meters.

Features of RTR-1700:

1. Transfer Width: 1.65m

2. Blanket width: 1.73m

3. Drum Diameter: 420mm

4. Drum Type: Duplex oil heating drum

5. Transfer Speed&Pressure: Adjustable

6. Temperature Difference: ±2℃

7. Feeding/Collecting Device: 3 feeders, 3 collectors, feed in through bottom drum

8. Heating-up Time: 60minutes in Winter; 45minutes in Summer

9. Transfer Thickness: Max.Thickness is 5mm



With Microtec’s RTR-1700 at hand, you always make the highest profit return on your investment, below are the reasons:

1. With Duplex oil heating drum system, you will get high value end-products with brilliant colors and sharp edge definition, almost no color difference in 100meters

2. High-efficiency, low energy consumption, fewer re-prints, can help you reduce labor costs

3. With quality components, minimal maintenance required

4. High processing speed, help you meet high productivity



Strict QC system:

Every machine will be tested and should be passed our QC, unless it couldn't be sent out. This helps a lot to reduce the cost and energy for quality complaint.


1. CE approved.

2. Reliable quality.

3. One year warranty.

4. Lifelong technical support.

Our product ranges comprises:heat press

If have demand of our rotary machine, pls feel free to contact us at any time!

Website: www.microtecgroup.com

Email: inquiry@szmicrotec.com