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Comparison of Microtec’s multifunctional mug heat presses

  • Author:Microtec
  • Release on :2017-02-10
Dear customers, when refer to Microtec’s multifunctional mug heat press machines, you will find many kinds there and may have no idea about how to choose the suitable one.
To solve this problem, we listed all the multifunctional mug heat presses which are our good sellers in below chart and made the comparison, pls kindly have a look.
Price Range         
Uniqueness Transfer 2pc mugs at one time
  Can transfer on 1.5oz & 2.5oz mini mug, 2pc 11-15oz mugs can be transferred by the super big heater at one time With the stable one-piece design mug heater, only can transfer 1pc mug Can do heat transfer on 5pc mugs at
Applicable mugs 11OZ mugs 9oz,11oz mug, 12oz
& 17oz latte mug
6-10oz mug&12oz & 17oz latte mug 1.5oz & 2.5oz mini mug& 6-10oz mug & 12oz & 17oz latte mug 9oz-11oz mug,                 12oz & 17oz latte mug Dia.6-7.5cm for 6oz,9oz,10oz etc Mug;  Dia.7.5-9.0cm for 11oz,15oz etc Mug
Transferred mugs qty/Time 2pc 1pc 1pc or 2pc(using supper big heater) 1pc 5pc
Controller GY04N digital time &temperature controller   GY04 digital time &temperature controller GY-04 Digital Time & Temp. Control 5Individual Digital Temp & 5 Timer& 5 Independent circuit systems
Temperature Gauge Digital C or F Digital C or F Digital C or F Digital C or F
Timer Gauge Digital Automatic Start Digital Automatic Start Digital Automatic Start Digital Automatic Start
Warranty   Free lifetime technical support on all mug heat presses
  One year warranty on entire press&parts
  Five years warranty on castings and welds
  Half year warranty on mug heaters depend on using times
1.If you mainly do the heat transfer on 11oz mugs and care much about the price, then our MP-20 series will be your good choice which can transfer 2pc mugs one time;
2.If need to do the heat transfer on mini mugs 1.5,2.5oz&6-10oz mug& 12oz & 17oz latte mug, then you need to choice our MP-10 series mug press. It’s manual one but with easy exchangeable heaters;
3.With the stable one-piece design mug heater, our LMP-10C can wrap the mugs very well, which can help you get very good transfer effect.
More, this model has the strong supporting plate for pressure adjusts handle,work very stable and safe for use.
4. If you have 6oz-15oz mugs need to be heat transferred and you care much about the efficiency, then our MPA-500B can be your good choice.
With 5 Independent circuit systems, easy for maintenance.

Welcome to Microtec’s heat press machines world, we believe you will meet the “Mr.Right” for your mugs!

Any requirements of our products, please contact us at, thank you.