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High Efficiency UV LED Exposure UnitHigh Efficiency UV LED Exposure UnitHigh Efficiency UV LED Exposure UnitHigh Efficiency UV LED Exposure Unit

High Efficiency UV LED Exposure Unit

  • Model No.: MT-EP03
  • Max.Exposing Area: 520*610mm
  • Voltage (Single Phase ): 220V or 110V
  • Time Control: 0-999s
  • Power of Lamps: 80W (8 10w UV LED-line)
  • Packing Size: In One Carton(750*680*200mm)
  • Weight: 30kg

This machine adopts intelligent digital control. The exposure time is more accurate, meanwhile,with the design of small volume,compact structure, stable light source, ability of working normal with low voltage, and good correspondency between the wavelength and the photosensitive material,making the texts and images clear and increasing the print rate.
High efficiency and energy saving are the most prominent features of LED printers. The actual trial printing speed is several times than other light sources.

*Adopting high efficiency UV LED light source,which save 50% electricity than ordinary model
*PLC controlled panel, very easy to operate
*Automatic memory function for working as original seting next time
*Perfect exposure effect because of LED light
*Fast exposure time,about 40-70 seconds
*Energy saving and environment friendly
*Stable exposure quality,more lifetime
*Durable and beautiful with steel coat
*Outside connecting power plug, safety and convenience
*Easy to transport,LED light is not fragile in delivery

 Model No.  MT-EP03
 Max. Exposing Area  520*610mm
 Voltage (single phase )  220V or 110V
 Time Control  0-999s
 Power of Lamps  80W (8 10w UV LED-line)
 Packing Size  In One Carton(750*680*200mm)
 Weight  30kg

The LED exposure unit is used in the filed of plate-making such as pad plate, screen plate, hot stamper plate, resin plate. When you put the film onto the plate into UV LED exposure machine, start it, the emulsion on the plate will appear a unseen imagine. This is  important process on all plate-making technology.

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