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Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)

  • Author:Microtec
  • Release on :2017-08-31
Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)
Been used for Microtec’s heat press model XSTM

In order to ensure more actual temperature control, Microtec developed the Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)which can be used on our pneumatic heat press XSTM.
Here i would like to do some introduction for this special controller.

PLC button function:

Temperature setting
PV: Practical temperature(Time range from 50 to 225℃, 50-437℉)
SV: Setting temperature
Press 1# for temperature setting. ENT for data saving, CLR for data clearing, ESC for resetting; The same way for setting 2 to 7#.
P.S: XSTM-40 shows data of three group from 1# to 3#;
    XSTM-48 shows data from 1# to 4#;
    XSTM-68 shows data from 1# to 6#;
    XSTM-98 shows data from 1# to 7#.

Time setting
SV: Setting time
PV: Practical time
(Time range from 0 to 999 )

Operation mode
There’re Auto, Semi-auto, Manual three kinds mode for your choice by pressing the corresponding button.
Auto: For cyclic heat transfer automatically.
Semi-auto: For single heat transfer automatically
Manual: For single heat transfer manually.

Temperature switch
℉for Fahrenheit degree, ℃ for Celsius degree

Bottom plate&Up plate
Bottom plate for bottom plate heat transfer and Up plate for up plate heat transfer

Set up
Set up button to enter into the machine engineering model, for temperature calibration(Range from -99 to +99).

Advantage of PLC
More actual temperature control
With several group of thermocouples controlling the temperature of different zone separately, the temperature difference of the heat platen can be within -5C to +5C which other suppliers can’t offer.
Simple operation and easy to read
Every operation button shows on the main interface clearly, make sure it can be operated simply. With the large viewing screen, each parameters can be read easily.
Stable performance
With stable procedure, make sure the machines work very stably with high efficiency.
Easy for maintenance
   When the thermocouple has problem, the letter “Abnormal”will apper as where it’s and the machine will stop heating.
Then you can find the broken thermocouple easily for replace.

Machines which can be with PLC:
XSTM-40: 32"x40"(80x100cm)
XSTM-48: 40"x48"(100x120cm)
XSTM-68: 48"x68"(120x170cm)
XSTM-98: 59"x98"(150x250cm)