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Large Format Heat Press XSTM with Advanced PLC Digital Controller

  • Author:Microtec
  • Release on :2017-10-24

Greetings, dear friends. Are you tired of the current large format heat presses in the market and lose confidence on them?
Cheer up, here comes the Chinese Newest Top quality large format heat press machine equipped with the most advanced PLC digital controller from Microtec group!

Also, you may find this upgraded XSTM is much more high-tech than the previous type. Below is the detailed table comparison for all of you to check clearly, which we take XSTM-48 as an example.

Comparison XSTM-48 with GY-06 digital controller XSTM-48 with PLC digital controller
Recommend ★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Controller GY-06 digital controller Advanced PLC digital controller
Sensor quantity 1 4
More accurate on temperature
Heat platen type Sand-casting heat platen with curved heating pipes 12 straight heating pipes
Make sure much more even heat distribution
Heating pipers fixed Pluggable
easy for maintenance
Timer delay function No yes
make sure machines reach into right position then transfer

Features of XSTM

Full Size Transfer
Print size maximum up to 150*250cm.
Designed & built for full transfer, even on the collar with fold
High Pressure
With dual cylinders, the XSTM can provide high pressure.
Even Heat Distribution
The high quality heating plate of XSTM ensures exact temperature distribution over the whole heating plate
Automatic Mode
Heat press runs automatically with setting temperature and time
Easy Operation
Time and temperature are set within one digital controller panel, as well as the manual/auto model can be switched easily.
One Side Two Stations
With the 2 base plates, high production volumes can easily be achieved with less fatigue.

· Sports goods
· Advertising, flags, banners, accessories.
· Large photo, posters.
· Transfer on Hard Substrate
(ceramic, aluminum, plastic, wood...)
· Textile: home finishing, apparel, curtains…

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