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Why MICROTEC heat press is better?

  • Autore:Microtec
  • Rilasciare il:2016-12-19

Currently there have many heat press manufacturers in China, and their machine outlooks are similar but quality maybe quite different. You may ask, how’s the quality of MICROTEC heat press? How to prove MICROTEC heat press machine is better? OK, today I would like to share the compared chart (as following) to tell why MICROTEC heat press is safer and better.


Heat Press Machine Microtec Other Chinese Suppliers
Material or Standard Features Material or Standard Features
Heat Platen

-Pure ADC12 alu.

-Pass electrostatic tests & breakdown test (1800V)

-With teflon coating

-Flat and smooth

-Higher copper content, non-deformation;

-Small temp. difference in 5 degree

-No electric leakage

-5-year warranty

-Recycle alu.
-Without telfon coating

-Easy deformation,

-Big temp. difference

-Risk of electric leakage

-No protection of platen

-Rough surface

Plastic Parts Fire-proof material Safe Normal material Not fire-proof
Transformer UL Certifcate -High quality
-Long lifetime
Normal quality -Not safe
-Easy broken
Solid-state Relay
Wiring Terminal
Power Plug
Emergency Switch
Thermo Switch
Electrical Element Controller + Solid-state Relay + Transformer -Safe
Controller + Swith -Not safe
Heat Insulation Cotton Environmental-friendly
-Nice heat insulation
Asbestosis Harmful for human health
Machine Body Baosteel Brand
-A3 stell
-6063 alu.
Strong struction Inferior stell Thin struction
Easy rusting
Mug Heater Thicker & denser heating coil

-Temp. difference in 10 degree

-Grade C pass 700 times test; Grade A pass 2000times test

Thin and sparse heating coil Big temp. difference
Cutting Technique Laser cutting machines with high power and precision Accurate, artistic Normal cutting machine Bad looking
Electromagnet -Pure copper coils
-Pass 80K times test
Long lifetime Copper-clad aluminum Easily oxidized
Gas Spring 'Pass100K times test Release smoothly Normal quality Release rudely
Easy broken
Screw #304 stainless steel No rust Normal steel Easily oxidized
Inspection -100% inspection
-Transfering testing
-Ground testing
Quality guarantee for each machine Spot check Not testing for each machine
Package 'EPE Foam -Environmental-friendly
-Safe transportation
PE foam Environmental-harmfully