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  • Autore:Microtec
  • Rilasciare il:2016-12-12

This weekend, I had good talking time with some old colleague friends. One of them asked me why I choose to work in my current company, and works for years. That is good question for me :).


Three years ago, when I got 5 job offers in hand, I finally chose Microtec. And I remember the main reasons are:


1. It is a manufacture with interesting products. Heat press machines are not so common products like LED light, cloths, etc. No so many companies do this heat sublimation industry. So it is interesting to me. And it is not a trading company. I like manufacture, which can have better price competitiveness, stronger quality control and more creativity.


2. It is the top brand of sublimation products in China. So if I works there, I can offer better quality products to customers. You know, when you spend much time on a customer and gain his trust to do first order, but because of low quality, the customer fell disappointed and never buy from you again. That is a disaster feeling. While in Microtec, it is different. Good quality can achieve long-term and pleasant cooperation.


3. I can get good salary and growing in Microtec. Actually, it is the most important one J.


So I came into probation period. Meet colleagues (it is a young and energetic team, friendly and helpful), product training, factory learning, sales sharing, etc.


And now I am an old ‘soldier’ in Microtec. I fully understand each company with its problems. So Microtec does. But I am still here. Because during those years, I see:


1. Microtec takes responsibility for its products and customers. Not matter how long ago you bought the heat press from Microtec, such as 6 or 7, etc years ago, when you meet problems or need supports, Microtec will be there for you. We have lots of  customers cooperated for many years, some more than 8 years. They trust Microtec and gain profits. Also if customer reach agreement with Microtec for solo agency, we will comply with it, and will not sell to any other customers in your markets.


2. Microtec keeps improvement of its products series, to gain better quality, decreasing cost, and easy maintenance, etc. Then our customers can keep its competitiveness and profits in the markets.


3. Microtec develops new products, such as electrical heat press, larger format heat press, HD photo panels, UV printers, etc. It will helps our clients have new things to their customers to gain more markets share.


4. Microtec has a nice term. I works here pleasantly.


Customers can gain good supports and profits from Microtec, and then they will keep cooperate with us. Then as a sales, I can get goods sales volume, which means good salary. So why not stay in Microtec?


Any needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at: