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Newest Electric Powered heat press, high pressure and more safer!

  • Auteur:Microtec
  • Relâchez le:2016-11-30

      Newest Electric Powered heat press, high pressure and more safer!

Electric powered heat press E-series using full electric control system when opening and closing, it is classified as a safer and more intelligent heat press, which can be operated easily by press buttons only.   This model perfect for those who are looking for excellence, speed and mass production of clothes.  E-series holds a patent and CE certified to work perfect and wonderful way.


Advanced Design (下面的英文描述要显示在正文里面,同时上传时图片命名请用下面各自的英文描述。) 





High-end Digital Controller

Anti-scald Protect Metal Cover

Emergency Stop Switch

Two-hand Push Button

Safe Operation & Less Noise
Electric design with lower noise than those dealing air compressor; safety button is available to lift automatically when you meet emergency situation. 

High Efficiency & Save energy
Compared to Auto open heat press, E-series Electric Powered heat press have the similar transfer rate but save more energy. 

Two Pressure Mode, high pressure
Low pressure for hover function to cure the ink.
High pressure for any type of traditional heat-applied graphics.
E-series with high pressure, can be applied for T shirts, MDF panels, HD Metal Prints and other hard surface





HD Metal Prints


MDF Panels


Safe & Strong packing (图片命名为Strong package for Electric Powered heat press)

Factory guarantee: 

One Year for Entire Machine
Two Years for Motor
Five Years for Heat Platen

The E-series are hot and have good quality, we believe it can earn good reputation and make big profit for you. Why not to have a try?

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