Ribbon Machine Design
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On top of parameters (include Size, Temp, Transfer Speed, Power etc), we offer a viable solution for Lanyard Machine that to engineered to perform to your individual needs.

Please choose the suitable parameters that are relevant to machine design.

Business Type: Reseller Manufacturer Others
Purchase Quantity: 1-3 Set 3-5 Set Above 5 Set
Machine Type: Elastic Ribbon Normal Ribbon Non-elastic Ribbon
Daily Output: 10000-15000 Yards 15000-30000 Yards 30000-50000 Yards 50000+ Yards
Transfer Speed: 1-3M per Min 2-5M per Min Others
Transfer Width: 900mm 1200mm 1800mm Others
Temp Available: C F
Power: 14kw 20kw Others
Voltage (3 phase): 220V 380V Others

Please provide any additional details that are relevant to machine design.

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