ZHT High Pressure Heat Pres

ZHT High Pressure Heat Pres

  • Model No.: ZHT-15/ ZHT-20/ ZHT-24
  • Machine Type: Manual, Clamshell
  • Platen Size:  10"*14"/15"*15"/16"*20"/16"*24"(25*35cm/38*38cm/40*50cm/40*60cm)
  • Printable Articles: Up to 15mm Thickness
  • Voltage: 120V/ 220V
  • Power: 10: 0.8KW/ 1.0KW; 15: 1.5KW/ 1.8KW; 20/24: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW
  • Maximum Temp.: 225 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5%

Before the Plain Heat Press you see is usual with plastic electricity box. But there is risky it will be broken during the transportation. To be more safety, we have launched a new Plain Heat Press with Iron electricity box.

*Iron electric box: stronger structure
*Adjustable press pressure: easy to adjust the pressure
*GY-04N digital controller: accurate time and temp. Display
*High-technology heat platen: even temp.

 Model No.  ZHT-15/ ZHT-20/ ZHT-24
 Platen Size  10"*14"/ 15"*15"/ 16"*20"/ 16"*24"(25*35cm/ 38*38cm/ 40*50cm/ 40*60cm)
 Under Plate  Fixed
 Controller  GY-04N
 Printable Articles  Up to 15mm Thickness
 Opening Angle  35 Degrees
 Gas Spring Control  No
 Voltage  120V/ 220V
 Power  10: 0.8KW/ 1.0KW; 15: 1.5KW/ 1.8KW; 20/24: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW
 Time Range  0-9 Hours
 Maximum Temp.  225 C
 Temperature Accuracy  ±0.5%
 Packing Size  71*49*45cm/ 74*48*45cm/ 72*61*45cm/ 72*61*45cm
 Net Weight  22.75kg/ 31.05kg/ 35.6kg
 Gross Weight  24kg/ 25.42kg/ 34.55kg/ 41.89kg

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