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Office in Shenzhen: Room 506, Building B, Hongshengyuan Industrial Park, #339 Bulong Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129 Factory in Dongguan: Gu...
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Microtec Technology Company

Email: support@szmicrotec.com
Tel:+86-755-28220390 ext 806
·If you are regular customers, you could call your sales representative forhelp.

 How to Find Our Office in ShenZhen
Room 506, Building B, Hongshengyuan Industrial Park, #339 Bulong Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129

How to Find Our Factory in Dongguan:

GuoYang Factory, #83.Hengdong Road, Fengda Industrial Park, Dongkeng Town, 
Dongguan City,


Weather Today:

You can click link: Dongguan Weather


Where to Stay (Recommend Hotel):

Victory InternationalHotel (东莞中凯国际酒店)
Address: No.8,Dongkeng Road,Dongkeng Town, Northeast of Dongguan City,Dongguan, China (
Tel: 0769-83868888
Click to book the hotel on


SuggestedTransportation Routes:

 From Hong Kong toDongguan, Victory International Hotel

1. From Hong Kong Island 
 Wan Chai Pier Terminus (Coach)→Huanggang Port or Lo Wu Port (Coach)

→Changping, Dongguan(   off near the Hotel)


2.From Hong Kong Airport (By Bus)

The start station is :Hongkong airport, # 2 Passenger Terminal Building. 

Destination station is:Dongguan, Victory International Hotel ( near our factory)

Step 1: When you arriveHongkong airport, go to # 2 Passenger Terminal Building, buy bus ticket at:Airport counter C03 or C10. their service call:00852-27352229
Step 2: Tell the ticket seller, that you want to go to Dongguan, VictoryInternational Hotel (Chinese name:
东莞中凯国际酒店). The ticket costs RMB200/person, or HK$ 220/person.
Step 3: Before you arrive Dongguan, please call Sophia (cell phone:0086-13924604227), and we will pick you up at the hotel station when youarrive.


3.From Kowloon (九龙)

Start from : Kowloon(Hung Hom station ) ↔ Arrive at : Dongguan (Changping station )

trainnumber,   departure time,   arrival time
T812,               07:25am,            08:37am
T824,               08:15am,            09:25am
T820,                09:24am,            10:36am

Ticketcosts RMB117/person, around HKD146/person.


4.From Shenzhen to Changping Station

By Train: http://www.chinatrainguide.com/shenzhen-railway-station/dongguan.html


5.From Guangzhou to Changping Station

By Train: http://www.chinatrainguide.com/guangzhou-railway-station/dongguan.html



Kindly Tips:

China Train Schedule for Year 2013: http://www.chinatrainguide.com/schedule/